Luke’s Escape

Sometimes dreams are stronger than fate...


How hard is it to escape your dream,
When nothing is as real as it seems?
You want to open your eyes,
Leave behind the horror and cries.
But sadly you’ve got to wait,
Sometimes dreams are stronger than fate.

You play as Luke, who is trapped in his nightmare, despite enjoying the ability to walk and run you find out it’s a dangerous place to be. You will have to find a way to escape before your soul is trapped forever in the unforgiving nightmare.


Luke is a young boy trying to find his way through a traumatic event in his life, the loss of his mother and the ability to walk. Luke’s battle within is continuously holding him back. While Luke may appear weak and full of sadness there is a light within and strength derived from his mother. Luke will face his demons and regain the control he needs to move on and live his life to its fullest.

The masked man is Luke’s inner most crippling demon. The masked man is there to hold Luke down and take his spirit and drive and return a lost soul who shall walk the earth depressed and full of sorrow and anger.


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