The Aquarium (The Unseen: Marine Life)

Inspired by nature documentaries, The Unseen: Marine Life takes you on the underwater breathtaking journey into deep waters. Immerse yourself in nature and explore real life of marine creatures in sunlight, twilight, antarctic zones and many more, but beware of the dangers that lie ahead…

Water is home land of largest living creatures on earth; Whales. Observe the secrets of Whales life. How humpback whales work together to create bubble net and feed on small fish? How Blue whales feed on Krill? How Sperm whales dive deep in dark sea to feed on squids, how these work together to defend against predators Orca? What is purpose of long tusk (like unicorn) on Narwal whale in Antarctic waters? Below a solid layer of few feet of Ice at freezing temperature at Antarctic Ocean, life is at its prosperity. It is like home for winter season for Narwal whale, Beluga whale, Bowhead whale, Orca whale, Penguins, Seals, Star fish, sea spiders, krill etc. At freezing temperatures, learn their behavior e.g. feeding, defense, mating of these sea creatures. Play this game and learn the whales life realities. Take control of Giant Bull Whale whale and fight against monsters e.g. Mosasaurus, Leviathan to protect whale pod.


Sea; A three dimensional multi-layer world consist of sunlight, twilight, abyss zones. Different sea creatures living at different sea depths have amazing abilities to survive there.
Create harmony in underwater Marine Life. Whales (the protectors) are less in number, but horrifying, hungry Predators (sea snakes, eel, crocodiles, vampire squids, mosasaurus etc) living in dark trenches underwater are at large. These predators attack whales & other marine life.

1) Breed whales (same or cross kind/species) to increase their population, so that trench creatures could not harm marine life in gameplay area.
2) Fight Against Predators. Take control of whale pods to protect whales, fish shoals from sea snakes, eel, crocodiles, vampire squids etc.
3) Defeat Alpha Predators (Mosasaurus, Leviathan etc). These are biggest threat to whales life. Clever and intelligent can stand against it. Take control of whale-bull and defeat Alpha Predator.
4) Dare to enter Dark Trenches (enemy area), fight against predator crocdiles, goblin/frilled sharks to win prizes.
5) Whale location Maps & stages to play different whales and know their nature/habits
6) Underwater Diver view
7) Feed Hungry Whales. Take control of whale pod and carefully move them to eat food, otherwise you’ll lose fish shoal.
8) Defend against Orca/Shark attack. Carefully defend your whales as there is a chance that whale’ll be hurt/killed by sharks/orca.
9) Compete to retain mate. Whale bulls enter in area as intruders to acquire female whale. It challenges whale in your area. Compete them and retain mate.
10) Love your whales. As a deep diver, show your gesture to whales. Swim with them.

Underwater scene


At depth of sea where light does not reach; there is mesmerizing living world of lightening bioluminescent creatures e.g. Siphonophore (Lanterns of light), lightening Sea cucumbers, Dumbo octopus, Vampire Squid, Angler fish, snake dragon fish etc. These use bioluminescent chemical in their bodies to produce light as producing light is only way to communicate in dark depths. Observe how an amazing creature Barraleye fish is feeding on small Jellyfish. Observe how Goblin and frilled sharks face each other at deep sea. There is much more to learn about .


Ice waters of Antarctic Ocean have life. Below a solid layer of few feet of Ice at freezing temperature, life at its prosperity. It is like home for winter season for Narwal whale, Beluga whale, Bowhead whale, Orca whale, Penguins, Seals, Star fish, sea spiders, krill etc. At freezing temperatures, learn their behavior ie feeding, defense, mating of these sea creatures.


It is always amazing to learn about birth & growing stages of marine creatures. How does these born, turn into juvenile, become adult and mate again to lay eggs/give birth. Learn lifecycle of Jellyfish, Crabs, Frogs, Betta fish, leopard seal … many more and win prizes.


Penguins are birds of sea. At Antarctica, when temperature is below -50c and winds speed up to 90 miles/hour, Only emperor penguins stay. Emperor penguins prepare for cruel winter by starting new families. Female lay eggs. Mother handover egg to father to fold egg into its skin. Mother penguins go for two months to eat and bring food for new chick. Same day, father panguins at antarctica may see last sunshine for 2 months and will eat nothing but take care of egg. Beautifully grouped together father panguins cop for winter with bravery. Mother panguins face dangers in water e.g. attacks of leopard seals, sharks, orca while catching food for herself and her chick. Learn sacrifice of PENGUIN PARENTS and their joyful dance, when they meet again after two months.


Surely no fish can swim up against waterfall, except one fish. A tiny goby, which comes from ocean, is a rock climber. All the goby need is thin film of water on waterfall rocks to climb up. As the pioneer start climbing, other goby fish start following the trail. They keep on climbing up against the flow of waterfall. Drops of water fall like bomb shells. Some take rest in holes inside rocks, but for others effort is too much. Many die in attempt to reach the top. Against all the odds, few heroic fish make it. Now they are at near perfect fish habitat. Learn about courage of goby fish in WATERFALL CLIMBER FISH EVENT.


Discover the mysterious & strange world of fearsome creatures SHARKS. These have streamlined body, muscular tail, mouth packed with razor sharp teeth, head cramped with sensors to detect pray, so successful design, these are oceans greatest predators. Learn about their habitat, habits, hunting techniques, mating and defending against their predators. Observe the life of Great white shark, Tiger shark, Hammer head shark, black tip shark …


About 1200 nautical miles east Hawaii lies a patch of ocean. Each winter large number of great white sharks gather here. This area is teemed with tiny light-sensitive creatures so tantalized that sharks cross the sea to reach them. Waters are also rich in squid, bigeye tuna, blue & mako sharks. It is the largest known congregation of white sharks. In day time, Sharks dive to 1400 feet to edge of complete darkness and is populated with bioluminescent fish. White sharks ascend to shallow waters 650 feet every night. It is largest migration of animals on earth. Play game & learn about SHARKS CAFE.