Ellen at Comic Con Lahore, 18!

By January 21, 2018Ellen, Showcase


It’s time to start talking about our upcoming game Ellen! We have been working on Ellen for about 9 – 10 months and we are now ready to start talking about it with everyone around the world and most importantly start getting our early feedback from all of you. There are lots of plans down the road but to begin with, we were really happy to showcase Ellen at Comic Con Lahore 18.
This was our first time showcasing Ellen and getting feedback from the people, they definitely loved the art & the atmosphere of the game. Oh! Yes, it is a pixel art horror game. Why don’t you learn about it more by following Ellen (Game Dedicated Social Channels) on Twitter & Facebook?

Stay tuned, we have more to post. Also enjoy the photos from Comic Con Lahore 18 ^^

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