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By May 23, 2018Learno App

You can read every book and every page, but to have the opportunity to truly understand you need to experience it; and this is where AR and VR come in. How immensely great would it be if you could slip on a VR headset and encounter the places you have only seen on camera or images of it in a book? Like the outer space!

Teachers are incorporating more advanced technologies in classrooms for Students such as AR and VR since it is contributing a lot to the Community from the educational perspective and since education has been keeping up with technology, Red Mount Media designed an educational application called Learno, merely designed for creative experiences helping Students assimilate as well as Teachers.

Classrooms have become tedious and Students have lost interest in typical learning. It is essential for Teachers to bring in creative learning that will help students construct their future career and in further development. VR Automotive Expert says ‘Having access to the program allows students to practice safely before they go in there and start pulling things apart.’ additionally, another Human Anatomy Atlas reports “Students can watch all of the body’s muscle movements in real time and watch the body change.” This shows how much importance AR/VR holds in education.

Red Mount Media hence designed this application that will help Students’ and teachers’ experience places like outer space and in to the past experiences, for instance, Thomas Alva’s light bulb invention.

Furthermore, AR/VR has multiple headsets from various brands such as HTC Vive. Samsung Gear headset, google cardboard, Oculus rift etc. So bring virtual reality to life using these headsets.

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