The Unseen Marine Life

” Inspired by nature documentaries, The Aquarium (The Unseen: Marine Life) takes you on the underwater breathtaking journey into deep waters. Immerse yourself in nature and explore real life of marine creatures in sunlight, twilight, antarctic zones and many more, but beware of the dangers that lie ahead…

Augmented & Virtual Reality

There is no doubt that Augmented & Virtual Reality is here to stay and take over all the industries, including education and training. Both technologies have the power to showcase and market the idea to a user in a full immersive experience. Feel free to explore our AR & VR projects. Game Development.

Game Development

We have enjoyed making titles for PC & Consoles since 2016. Recently we have started to explore mobile gaming market, it’s truly fascinating to have our idea to be among other creative ideas from all around the world. We have experience in making games that can be marketed well on PC, Consoles & Mobile.


” Luke, an ordinary kid, is having an extraordinary nightmare. He finds himself trapped in a strange factory, with armed guards at every exit. Inevitably, he manages to escape – but are there worse things lurking outside in the dark forest than factory guards? “

3D Modeling